What Should You Consider When Choosing an E-Commerce Template?

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Web design has a direct impact on profits. It is something that online store owners need to realize before they can create a site. It is a fact that not all startup sites will be able to afford to pay for a custom design.

But an essential thing to understand is that you do not need a lot of money to create an excellent customizable online store. You will, however, need to be creative.

Available Design Layouts

Web design is not all about flashy and cutting-edge designs. But your site still needs to be appealing for it to draw in repeat customers. The most critical aspect is functionality.

Your site has to be user-friendly, or else you will end up losing customers to the competition. User experience should be the first thing you consider when selecting the template to use.

The layout you select should allow the customers and visitors to pick out products without encountering any issues easily. The best designs are those that are simple and have an intuitive layout. Stick to templates that will make site navigation and product searches flow easily.

What Features Are Present in the Template?

Having the best design may be useless if the site lacks essential features needed by your clientele. Use other sites to obtain ideas on what customers need in an online store. Obtain ideas from websites that are in your business niche.

You can later combine these ideas with you understand about your business to come up with a great template. The features should entice customers to buy your products. They should also have an excellent all-around shopping experience. Some of the important features you should consider adding will include:

  • An icon of available payment methods. It will inform customers in advance on whether your store supports their preferred payment methods.
  • New sections. This is where information on all the upcoming deals with be posted. Include essential information on events and sales deals as well.
  • Store finder. This is for those clients that would rather shop at a physical store. They can be able to locate local and national retailers from the store finder.
  • New products sections. It is intended for new clients who may not be familiar with some of the goods that are on sale, or those who are not sure on what they should buy.
  • Search bar. If your store is large, customers will need this to find their desired products quickly.

With the above template selection tips in mind, choosing your next e-commerce template should not prove to be a difficult task.


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