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Are you looking for easy-to-use, professional, beautiful and modern website themes? Look no further and check these bestselling HTML and CSS templates of 2017!

Let’s face it – everyone wants a website that is organized and pleasing to look at. Also, we all want a website that is responsive to all devices, slick animations, and popular fonts. And, we all want the website to look unique, modern, and professional at the same time. So, unless you are an experienced web developer or designer who knows how to build and design a website and you are familiar with HTML, Javascript, CSS, you are out of luck. You have an option to hire the services of a professional web designer, but keep in mind that that is going to cost you a lot. Hiring a professional web developer or designer is not only expensive, but a time-consuming project as well, after all, you are building a website from scratch, that is why you should start by looking some free website templates in the first stage to build your website up. 

 You can try and learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, but that is just another time-consuming process and you will probably end up with not enough knowledge to design your own website. It takes not only time, but an experience as well. Some things, cannot be learned overnight.

You can use Twitters Bootstrap. Bootstrap is a platform that is easy to learn and everyone can create a website using this platform. The biggest disadvantage is that your website will look similar to many other websites you will encounter on the web. Is there another option you can uase?

The final option is a combination of the previous options together. You can spend some time and learn Bootstrap and you can buy a template to customize it and make it look more unique and professional. There are many websites on the Internet that can offer you great themes such as Themeforest and Wrapbootstrap. These sites can provide you with professional and clean designs at an affordable price. You may still need to work on your theme, however, the process is way simpler, now that you have a template or a foundation.

So, whether you are creating a tech blog, a website or an ecommerce site, make it look professional and modern with a custom theme.

Our recommendations are:

  • To buy a template and use it as an inspiration or an example. This will allow you to keep the asset’s size smaller and switch to LESS or SASS if it is not offered.
  • Make it yours! Personalize the template in your own way and according to your business needs and preferences. Custom tailor it and make it fit your style.
  • Take a look at the example pages. It is recommendable to mix and match various example pages to get a final look. You can spend some time analyzing until you know for sure what you really like.

Here are some of the best selling HTML and CSS website themes:


  • Metronic - Responsive Admin Dashboard Template
  • INSPINIA - Responsive Admin Theme
  • Unify - Responsive Website Template
  • Porto - Responsive HTML5 Template
  • Canvas - Multi-purpose HTML5 template
  • SmartAdmin - Responsive WebApp


  • Angle - Bootstrap Admin Template
  • Material Admin - Responsive Admin Theme
  • Angulr - Bootstrap Admin Web App with AngularJS
  • Synergy - Responsive & Interactive HTML Portfolio
  • Limitless - Responsive Web Application Kit
  • HOMER - Responsive Admin Theme
    • Clean Canvas – Business Them
    • The Project – Multipurpose Template
    • Progressive – Multipurpose Responsive Template
    • Remark – Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Template
    • Karma – Responsive Clean Website Template
    • Vitality – One Page Bootstrap 4 Theme
    • Color Admin – Admin Template and Front End
    • Porto Admin – Responsive HTML5 Template
    • Jango – Highly Flexible Component-Based HTML5 Template

    There you go! Here are the best website themes of 2017! Pick one and start now!